"Our exclusive line of dabbable products. Straight from the soil, then transformed into oil."

Blended Cartridge

Our blended cartridges contain the best of both worlds: distillate and live resin. This allows for potent consumption with tons of flavor.

Sugar Wax

This aromatic extract is poured into a thick layer, nucleated using slight agitation, and then purged to produce a soft consistency and a brown sugar-like appearance.

Live Resin

Terpy goodness. Our Live Resin preserves the tastiest of terpenes, processed with our very own fresh-frozen flower. This helps us achieve the most desirable texture and flavour.


Crystallized cannabinoids made with fresh-frozen flower. This extract is poured into a sealed vessel under slight heat to lower the rate of solvent evaporation. Our diamonds are not 'washed' with other solvents after they are grown, so they retain some terpenes and a yellowish color. This process results in a high-potency crystallite extract, also known as 'canary diamonds'.


Dry, crumbly extract with a honeycomb texture that is produced by pouring into a thick layer and purged under cold temperatures.


Flat, smooth, and translucent extract that is poured as a thin slab and vacuum-purged for a glass-like finish.