Blended Cartridge

Our blended cartridges contain the best of both worlds: distillate and live resin. This allows for potent consumption with tons of flavor.

Sugar Wax

This aromatic extract is poured into a thick layer, nucleated using slight agitation, and then purged to produce a soft consistency and a brown sugar-like appearance.

Punch Bowl

Punch Bowl

This premium, botanically enhanced cartridge is available in three different serving options: 1G 510 Thread, 0.5G AiO Disposable, and 1G AiO Disposable.

Punch Bowl Flavor

For The Flavor Freak! Convenient, efficient, rechargeable, and discrete. Now available in an assortment of flavors, including Pineapple Express, Grape A, Orange Tsunami, and the award-winning Maui Wowie.

Gush Mintz

Sun grown by Self Made Farms